At Trasp, we build great software that matters.

Trasp is a custom software solutions company. We build software that works and delivers real business value to our clients. Our tagline, Client matters. is more than simply a few words at Trasp – it’s a way of working that staff rally around every day.

Our iterative and Agile approach to creating custom applications shines when we take on a complex business or technical challenge where no solution currently exists. We stay ahead of the technology curve through proactive R&D efforts.

Our clients benefit from this as we perform assessments on current systems, create Roadmaps that align with strategic business objectives, or engage in the development of a solution. Our teams work closely with end users and IT to deliver individual features incrementally. Using our i-Proving™ development process, we can build anything from proof-of-concept prototypes to consumer-facing mobile apps to bulletproof, long living, high volume production applications. Our iterative process and short timeline between concept and delivery lowers development risk and ensures what is built is what the business really needs.

We’re more than just developers – we solve business problems. We approach each engagement with end state usability and design in mind. We couple that with strict testing and QA disciplines to ensure that the solution will hold up to high standards in production. Over 95% of the applications we’ve built over the last 10+ years remain in production today – a track record to be envied.


Why Choose Us?

Shortened development timeframe
By Using Agile methodology we are delivering the projects intime and bug free.
High reliability
Our Quality assurance department is responsible to deliver reliable solutions to our clients.

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